Thursday, October 22, 2009

Motorola Droid - The IPhone Killer

Yes it's true Motorola Droid is going to kill Iphone. Its a smart phone which everyone would like to have. Motorola Droid is the first mobile device developed in partnership with Google to feature its next-generation open Android platform. Motorola Droid redefines the smart phone becoming the first device built with Android 2.0. On Droid you will experience a PC-like browsing experience on a mobile device that has a massive high-resolution display, the thinnest touch QWERTY slider available, and twice the speed of the leading competitor that is Iphone 3Gs. Motorola Droid takes the search that Google is known for to the entire phone, going deep into your phone and all of your applications. The more you search, the better Droid gets to know you and the quicker you get the information you need.


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